L'udovit Oelschläger

Ludovit Oelschlaeger (Hungarian - Lajos Őry, Czech - Ľudovít Oelschläger) is a Hungarian architect who was born in Kosice and worked at the territory of Czechoslovak Republic until the WWII.
Straight after graduating from Hungarian Royal Technical University in Budapest, Oelschlaeger received practical experience in architectural firms of Berlin, Budapest, Stuttgart and Munich. It was a period not only for training, but also for the development of his own style, that was highly appreciated at the international architectural contest with the award-winning project of Mukachevo Trade Academy in 1924. While fulfilling this project, the 28-years-old architect established his private firm in Mukachevo and later in Uzhhorod.

In the same 1924, upon family request, Oelschlaeger moves back to his native Kosice, and under his first success momentum he continues to receive state and private orders primarily at the territory of Slovakia and Podkarpatska Rus’, and later in Hungary. His professional growth, formation of his own style and adherence to modern worldwide architectural trends may be traced in Uzhhorod, Mukachevo and Berehovo.

Admiration for Eastern architectural motives, as well as Eastern Slovakian Renaissance and Roman styles can be easily noticed in his projects of the second half of 1920s. Gradually, the architect refused from excessive and sometimes fabulous stylization and moves to up-to-date as for the 1930s functional silhouettes.

Completed objects

City Cinema and Library
20 Voloshyna St
Jewish House and School
32 Voloshyna St