Petr Kropáček

Petr Kropáček studied at the oldest technical high school of Europe – the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1908-1913. Before WWI the architect was creating dynamic cubistic projects in Prague. In 1920s, Kropáček moved to more restrained performance in Purism style, which may be seen in such districts of Prague as Nove mesto, Žižkov and Holešovice.

Petr Kropáček alsp fulfilled himself as scenographer and dramatist (stage name Pavel Neri), he was an author of “The Building” play and “Mystification” comedy. He was among the figures who reformed Czech theatre art before the WWI.

He tried to stay in Argentina, but came back to his Motherland, and after the second half of 1920s designed schools, governmental and residential buildings. The renovation of camera theatre interior in Prague belongs to his authorship.

In 1930 the architect started the construction of his most well-known architectural object – summer residence of the second President of Czechoslovakian Republic Edvard Beneš at Sezimovo Ústí. But he did not live to see the project completion, and committed a suicide.

Completed objects

Masaryk School
19, Nezalezhnosti Emb