Jan Gillar

Jan Gillar is a famous Czech architect, a member of Devětsil Union of Modern Culture.

Jan Gillar graduated from industrial school at Plzen. During 1925-1928, he studied at the Fine Arts Academy under the supervision of Jozef Gočar. Later, he worked at Záruba-Pfeffermann Construction Enterprise and architecture firms of Jan Zazvorka and Jaromir Kreicar – both of them learned from the legendary Jan Kotěra. Later, Jan Gillar started his own business. In 1948, after he closed his private firm, he started to work at Stavoprojekt state construction company.

The most famous project of Jan Gillar is the functionalist complex of French Schools in Prague (1931–1934), which was a prize-winning project at architectural contest. The young architect was only 25 at that moment. At the same time, he became the youngest member of Devětsil avant-garde group. Brouk a Babka Trade House was another interesting project of Gillar in Liberec city (1935–1936).

However, Jan Gillar specialized in residential constructions, and 1930s the architect designed a range of residential apartment houses and significant number of private villas. All of them are characterized by straight lines, clear forms, puristic facades, flat roofs and banded windows that are key functionalist features.

Completed objects

Dr. Salamon House
2 Petöfi Sq