The four-storey residential building located in Krylov street used to owned by Domovina (cz. – the Motherland) construction cooperative. It was designed in 1929 by design and development bureau Havlík a Říčař, and in 1930 was put into operation.

The building has a rectangular structure. The main façade has symmetric axial composition. Apart from the four main floors, small premises are located at the pediment of the attic. The style of the building is a mixture of functionalistic and traditionalistic features. Four storeys of semi-loggias with rounded monolithic parapets and massive cornices are functional in their nature, although triangle pediment and two-pitched roof testify to traditional aspiration. The building is crowned with massive cornice with rectangular side view and two small roofs protruded over the terrace of semi-loggias.

The authentic honorable grey tone of plaster is still preserved by today, as well as both flagpoles on the façade and waste water pipe drowned into façade surface. However, the façade was unfortunately partly distorted due to reconstruction and setting of commercial premises on the ground and first floors of the building.

In spite of its reconstructed façade, the interior of Domovina Cooperative is unique – its porch still has almost all the authentic doors and fittings. Big brass door eyes, mail openings and Czech “Dopisy “ markings, and several door handles – all of them are rather rare elements especially in such a number.

Domovina Cooperative Residential Building

Years of construction



apartment building

12 Krylova St

Protection status

Integrated protection area of local urban planning monument "Historical Building Complex" (Malyi Galagov)