Glass bricks

Glass bricks is a common name of building constructions with the use of glass bricks, concrete and steel reinforcement. These constructions were used to fill the window apertures at staircases, top illuminating windows, and in order to arrange lighting of entrance halls. In some buildings the glass-reinforced concrete was used for transparent roofs and floors of atrium galleries.

Prismatic illumination glass brick systems of Duplex-Prismat were most commonly used at Uzhhorod interwar buildings, Luxfer systems were less common.

Due to their refraction and full internal reflection, the prisms of glass bricks have special properties that allows them to alter the direction of light beams and re-distribute the light. This property of prismatic illumination provides distributed light inside the building which has an effect of penetration into the depth of building space. With this effect, it is possible to decrease the size of window apertures, save energy at daytime and reduce heat loss in cold season.