Opaxit glass

Opaxit is high-tech opaque glass that was used for interior and exterior decoration. The extra hard opaxit glass was tempered at high temperatures, and the minimal thickness of opaxit tiles was 6 mm. This rare and valuable decorative material is not produced anymore.

In Uzhhorod, opaxit glass tiles of Chodopak trademark were used on the buildings. The production of this material was started after World War I in the city of Chodov which name was used in the name of the trademark (Chodov and ‘opakní sklo’ (Czech — tempered glass)). The production was running for many years and stopped only in 2001 due to economic crisis.

The frontal surface of tiles was polished with fire and the rear part had parallel riffles for better adhesion with construction mortars. The opaxit glass was extremely glossy on its front side, but it was not perfectly smooth. This effect was reached due to fire tempering. This resulted in a living and shimmering surface of the opaxit.

Opaxit glass was one of the newest materials during the second wave of industrialization and used to be a kind of symbol of that epoch, technical and constructional heritage of which is still being used at our times.