František Krupka

František Krupka is an architect of Czech origin who realized most of his projects at the territory of Slovakia. First, he studied in Prague, and then in Vienna at Industrial Art School, Technical University and Fine Arts Academy at professor Friedrich Ohmann’s class. After graduation, he assisted the professor at his restoration works at Hofburg imperial palace in Vienna. After WWI, Krupka moved to Bratislava where he started to work in a newly established department for cultural monuments preservation under supervision of Dušan Jurkovič. 

Krupka opened his own office in 1922 in Bratislava when he started to work on his first large-scale project of Police Administration. 

Krupka created most of his prominent objects with classic traditional features of Modernism. The architect received orders and fulfilled projects primarily at the territory of Slovakia and Podkarpatska Rus’.

Completed objects

Regional Government
4 Narodna Sq
The House of Legio
2 Dukhnovycha St