Adolf Liebscher

Doctor of Architecture Adolf Liebscher is a Czech architect, urbanist, engineer, professor and artist. He was born in the family of famous painter Adolf Liebscher Senior. He graduated from Technical University in Prague, and had training in Italy and France. At the same period (1907-1911) he was researching architecture of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Having received his Doctor’s Degree, he moved to Brno in 1923 where he was appointed to the position of professor of architecture at Czech Technical University. In 1925-1926, he was a dean of the department of architecture and land development.

First of all, professor Liebscher is an urbanist as he developed about 15 general plans for different cities of Czechoslovakia, including Opava, Uzhhorod, Znojmo and Smíchov. Besides, Dr. Liebscher was the author of more than 80 residential buildings, 78 public and 15 industrial buildings. Within 1923-1948 the professor trained several generations of Czech architects while organizing and supervising multiple few-weeks’ students trainings.

Completed objects

Regional Court
5 Narodna Sq