Alois Dryák

Alois Dryák – Czechoslovakian architect. In 1889-1895 studied at Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in the Friedrich Ohmann’s class where together with Bedřich Bendelmayer he was the best student in the class of decorative architecture. He was teaching at professional schools as well as in his alma mater after graduation, namely in 1903-1918. At the same time, he started his architectural practice focusing on Secession and Historism. In 1920s, Modernism concepts influence may be seen in Alois Dryák’s projects, although he still preserved his aspiration to conservative forms.

Dryák was a socially active person, member of Sokil community, and in 1896 participated in a protest against demolition of historical centre of Prague. The first Dryak’s studio was established in Prague together with an architect Bedřich Bendelmayer, his former fellow at professor Ohmann’s class.

The most prominent projects of Alois Dryák were created in the styles of Secession, Rondocubism, Functionalism and Neoclassicism.

Completed objects