František Šrámek

František Šrámek after graduating from Czech State Industrial School in Plzen had a training at Friedrich Ohmann’s studio in Vienna Fine Arts Academy. In 1912, he was granted a prestigious Roman prize and scholarship for his research travel to Italy.  Upon his return to Vienna František Šrámek worked at his teacher’s studio. After WWI the architect moved to Prague where he started his own practice.

As many other architects of that time František Šrámek was successfully participating in different architectural contests that were primarily related to new schools buildings at Czech territory. He also designed buildings for affiliates of the National Bank of Czechoslovak Republic, including ones in Plzen, Olomouc and Uzhhorod. In his architectural works of interwar period the architect tended towards Neoclassicism – the modernist style specifically used for governmental buildings of that time.

Known as an architect of several affiliate buildings of the Czechoslovak National Bank and school facilities

Completed objects

National Bank
1 Pushkina Sq